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How It Got Started

What You Need to Know

Hi and AsSalamalaikom,

I’m Lola Momo and I am a lonely Muslim woman. Advised by my therapist, like so many others, to write a journal, be creative and make connections - and this is the result.

Here you will find my musings, ramblings and thoughts on mental health issues in the Muslim woman community; some of which will be controversial. 
As you can probably guess, Lola Momo is my seudo name. It gives me the space to be open and honest amongst a somewhat judgmental community and to be honest having this freedom feels liberating.

Well, I hope you enjoy what you find here and you can tolerate my switches between cynicism, pessimism, optimism, serious and quirky. I’m a little weird.

Wishing you many blessings

Lola Momo

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